Cameron Stephens and Seth Benhaim are renowned spirit experts and they host a podcast called The Cartel Hour.  During their podcast, they host live tastings and in-depth discussions with those who create and enjoy the spirits. On April 22nd, 2020, The Cartel Hour hosted Heath Schneider and did a live tasting of Iowa Legendary’s products. Cameron and Seth thoroughly reviewed each of the spirits Iowa Legendary has to offer, while Heath had the opportunity to share Grandma Lorine Sextro’s story and talk about how Templeton made their rye whiskey during the Prohibition.

The idea of the Prohibition era brings to mind the image of mobsters for most. Yet, the story of Iowa Legendary starts with Lorine Sextro and how she had of the last living, authentic recipes from the original bootleggers. During The Cartel Hour podcastHeath tells Cameron and Seth the full story of Lorine Sextro and the lengths they go through to recreate her recipe. You can hear the passion in Heath’s voice as he speaks on every spirit within the Iowa Legendary line-up. Using the simple and original recipe, Iowa Legendary gets a diverse variety of colors, flavor, and experience for their different products using only barrel play and still play.
To listen to the podcast click here and for more information on the podcast visit The Cartel Hour. To purchase any of the products they taste during the podcast visit here.