90 Year Recipe | Hand Crafted | Locally Grown

Iowa Legendary Rye

Small-batch handcrafted & bottled using a bootlegging grandma’s prohibition-era recipe.

The age old problem

Finding the Best Rye

If you are like most Americans, it is difficult to find a top-notch bottle of whiskey that can be bought locally. Obviously, a whiskey that goes down smooth will attract attention and bring you back for that 2nd & 3rd drink. What if you had a whiskey that was genuinely great?

Introducing our Traditional small-batch rye. Distilled in Pre-Prohibition-era replica 26-gallon pot stills and aged in our 15-gallon casks. Our “All-Natural Rye” is handcrafted and hand-bottled.

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That’s me (on the right) known as (Heath, the Bootlegger’s grandson) and on the left
(Whiskey Rich, 5th generation Bootlegger)

The Recipe that made Templeton Famous

How a bootlegging grandma
became legendary

Lorine Sextro is famously known for being the woman that created and distilled her own batch of 100 percent rye whiskey at her Carroll county farm in May 1932. Iowa Legendary Rye whisky is known for being the recipe that was favored by Chicago mobster Al Capone.

This is only a small part of our story of the 1931 Prohibition-era recipe handed down from generation to generation. Iowa Legendary Rye Distillery, a Templeton Iowa Distillery, makes a truly legendary rye. Click the button below to learn the true history of this amazing Rye!

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4 Simple Steps

Our Working Process

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Prohibition-Era Recipe


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01 / Aged To perfection

Delivered To you with care


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02 / Distributed From Iowa

Serving Up Top Notch Rye


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03 / Sold By Retailers/Bars

100% Satisfaction, no hangover


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04 / Ready To Serve

The Worlds #1 Best Rye Whiskey

Our spirits

Locally grown all-natural ingredients from Carroll and Crawford counties. Even our patented stills were made down the road.
A rye that is tried & True

America’s 100% All Natural
Prohibition Era Rye

We Locally grow all-natural ingredients from Carroll and Crawford counties. With patent-pending stills made just down the road. Our Spirits are 100% natural, with no added chemicals.

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Distillation, Labeling, Glasses, Garnishes, Straight, Neat, or on the Rocks

Bartending & Mixology tips

To mix a cocktail like a professional just takes a little pizazz, education, and passion. To please your pallet, mixing the right rye whiskey cocktail recipe. Is as easy as, it looks. The most important aspect we have found with cooking and cocktail recipes. Is that always pair the freshest of ingredients to your meal. (Only all-natural works best). Match the dinner entree to the flavoring of your drink. And always try something new. You never know the treasure-trove of flavors that are out there without a little experimentation.

Our Rye

Our Rye


Mixology 101