OZ’S uses cocktail measurement devices in Oz’s. A Part is essentially a relative measurement and works for single beverages and numerous drinks. For instance, when the cocktail recipe calls for 1 Oz of part 1, and 2 Oz’s of segment 2, you use twice as quite a bit of segment 2.


A Dash is bigger than a splash, however, both are limited quantities. You use them to season a mixed drink for taste, so it’s somewhat of a careful determination. A sprinkle commonly includes less liquids to to viscosity of the fluids, for example, a mixer, while dash’s are utilized with more grounded flavorings, for example, bitters.


A Jigger is a metal measurement device that regularly come with two cones, one on either end.

Become acclimated to these terms and measurement metrics below:

  1. Jigger: 1/2 oz. (imperial) 2.4 cl (Metric)
  2. Cup: 8 oz. (imperial) 24 cl (Metric)
  3. Tablespoon: 1/2 oz. (imperial) 1.5 cl (Metric)

Different recipe sites offer different drink recipes. Some use Part’s with others Mil’s or Oz’s. It really just depends demographically where you live and are located. Currently, Oz’s are the international standard in the US.

We hope this brief article will assist you with your cocktail measurements learning experience and invite you to try an old comeback in American Liquor history by trying our rye today.