Bartender drink phrases used in bartending, these bartenders drink phrases of “straight-up” and “up” conventionally lead to a mixed cocktail shaken or blended with ice and afterward stressed and served in a cocktail glass without ice.

The bartender phrase “Straight” conventionally leads to an individual, an unmixed drink served with no water, ice, or different mixtures. In this sense, “straight” can now and again be utilized as an equivalent word for either “straight up” or “neat.”

Moreover, the bartender phrases such as “straight” are a term for liquor of a specific type of straight whiskey delivered in the United States. US government law characterizes the expression “straight whiskey” as whiskey that has met specific necessities for its fixings, creation procedure, and aging.

For example, these bartender drink phrases in the text of a label of top-shelf rye typically distinguish the item as “Straight rye” (since a majority of all straight rye is manufactured in Iowa).

While the weight of “up” and “neat” is frequently clear, some explanation might be required for “straight” and “straight-up” to decide if the soul is proposed to be chilled and stressed or served undiluted at room temperature.



The drink phrase served “neat” is a solitary, unmixed liquor served without being chilled and with no water, ice, or different blenders. A served “Neat” drink is commonly prepared in a rocks glass, shot glass, snifter glass, Glencairn glass, or a copita glass.


whiskey cocktail with an orange twist served on the rocks

“On the rocks,” a prevalent drink phrase, alludes to alcohol poured over ice blocks, and a “rocks drink” is a drink served on the rocks. Rocks drinks are commonly served in a rocks glass, highball glass, or Collins glass, all of which allude to a generally straight-walled, level bottomed glass.

The rock’s glass is ordinarily the slightest and most renowned, trailed by the highball, which is taller and regularly smaller; at that point, the Collins is even smaller.


The drink phrase “With a twist” signals the barkeep to include a “twist” of the lime of citrus fruit (bar determination, if unexplained) for the cocktail. Frequently, the barkeep will drape the skin of the citrus on the glass as a garnish.


The drink phrase of cocktails is by-large served chilled, albeit a few (e.g., margaritas) might be served either with or without ice, and this must be indicated. Cocktails can be served “solidified,” which is with squashed ice rather than cubes ice shapes.

Unmixed mixers might be served either neat, up, or on the rocks, with contrasting shows. High-quality whiskey and other matured alcohol are regularly served neat, while lower-quality whiskey is typically presented with a blender or on the rocks.

Vodka can be put away as a fluid well beneath the point of solidification of water due to its high proof and low particulate substance, and cocktails made with sub-freezing vodka are once in a while mentioned to limit the measure of included water from liquefied ice during shaking.


The bartender phrases of “A mix of whiskey, tequila, or vodka, when served neat in a shot glass. Is frequently joined by a “chaser” (a mellow drink expended after a shot of hard alcohol) or a “water back” (a different glass of water).

These terms mix too; it is basic in numerous regions to hear a “lager back” requested as the chaser to a shot. A drink may explicitly be requested “no chaser” also.

A “chaser” in the UK, anyway, for the most part, alludes to a shot taken after a pint of lager or comparative.


Drinks foundations will frequently have a lower-evaluated classification of drinks, known as “well drinks” or “rail drinks,” and a more costly class known as “top-shelf” or “call” drinks. They will use up-selling by offering the more expensive classification when taking requests.

The terms originate from the overall places of the bottles of booze utilized for the liquor; the least expensive form of a soul offered by a bar is normally put away in a long rail or “well,” making it promptly accessible to a bustling barkeep. At the same time, the more costly, better-quality mixers and spirits are shown on racks behind the bar, where they draw in supporters to the available best choice.


Further information on glass Sizes used:

  • Mixed beverages are sold in a wide assortment of sizes, for instance:
  • A “pony” is slang for one US liquid ounce (30 ml) of soul, while the standard-size “shot” of liquor is a 1.5-US-liquid ounce (44 ml) “jigger,” with a “twofold” being three US liquid ounces (89 ml).
  • A “middy,” generally known as a “pot” in Victoria, Australia, is 10 oz/285ml.
  • A “schooner” may allude to different glasses for beer, commonly of size 15 oz/425ml in Australia or 2⁄3 imperial pint (379 ml) in the United Kingdom.
  • A “Pint” is a typical size for a brew in the UK (20 oz/568ml).

As opposed to utilizing estimating things, skillful bartenders, as a practice, employ a hollow spout inserted into the mouth of the container, which hinders the progress of fluid to a regulation of measurement allowing sensibly accurate time-sensitive pours.

For example, a “6-check” is typical for a 1.5oz jigger, which can be prepared by having the bartender upend the vessel (with the contents included). This technique separates into helpful sub-quantifies; each liquid is around one-quarter liquid ounce, making a “pony” 4 tallies and a “half-jigger” 3 checks.

This structure for bartender phrases isn’t spotless because liquor of various viscosities will pour at various rates through a similar spout.

However, it permits reliable pours from drink to drink for a steady outcome from every barkeep while being a lot quicker than utilizing a thimble measure or similar spirit measuring device.

Conclusion: Both bartender drink phrases and bartending phrases have shaped the bartending industry for hundreds of years through time. Constantly shifting over time to easier bartender phrases by region in the world or by the made drink. Sit back and order your next drink with these excellent bartender phrases and maybe design one of your own. Your name will live on in history, never to be forgotten.