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Rye whiskey, often called rye, is made in Canada (and then spelled whisky) and in the U.S.

By law, it has to be made of 51% rye and called rye. There are many famous rye producers – in drinks, it is important which type you pick due to the ingredients it carries: rye, wheat, barley, or corn.

“Timeless straight rye whiskey cocktails, add herbal and fruit liqueurs to brighten up any personality of these classic cocktails in novel ways.”

When creating your cocktail, it really depends on if you like sugar or spice and everything nice? If your cocktail already contains sugar, like an old-fashioned or an orange whiskey sour, then straight rye will balance it out, and bourbon will make it extra sweet.

Rye over the Centuries has carried patrons and families through the holidays and occasions before the turn of prohibition. One factory owned and operated by President George Washington produced nearly 800k barrels of rye a year for consumption just in Northern America.

Straight Rye Whiskey starred in numerous cocktail recipes, from timeless classics to modern works that offer excellent complexity of taste and flavors throughout summer, winter, spring, and fall.

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To mix a cocktail like a professional just takes a little pizzazz, education, and passion. To please your palate, mixing the right rye whiskey cocktail recipe is as easy as it looks. The most important aspect we have found with cooking and cocktail recipes is to always pair the freshest of ingredients to your meal. (Only all-natural works best). Match the dinner entree to the flavoring of your drink, and always try something new. You never know the treasure-trove of flavors that are out there without a little experimentation.

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