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When creating your cocktail, it really depends on if you like sugar or spice and everything nice? If your cocktail already contains sugar, like an old-fashioned or an orange whiskey sour, then straight rye will balance it out, and bourbon will make it extra sweet.

Rye over the Centuries has carried patrons and families through the holidays and occasions before the turn of prohibition. One factory owned and operated by President George Washington produced nearly 800k barrels of rye a year for consumption just in Northern America.

Straight Rye Whiskey starred in numerous cocktail recipes, from timeless classics to modern works that offer excellent complexity of taste and flavors throughout summer, winter, spring, and fall.

Rye Whiskey Cocktail History

Did you ever imagine that rye whiskey could actually be part of your favorite cocktails? If not, then I must say that is as exciting as any lover of alcoholic beverages would be. One look at this drink will tell you that rye whiskey goes way back in history. We can trace its roots to the early settlers of the Americas. Here are the top 82 rye whiskey cocktails!

There is nothing quite like the rich taste of the traditional Manhattan. The New England colonialist’s started brewing the drink around 1776 out of a mixture of rye, yeast, water, sugar, and cloves. Over time, the drink evolved into what we know today. There are different interpretations of the history of rye whiskey cocktails, but the bottom line is that it is always good when chilled with ice. There are other great variations, such as adding brandy or rum or Curacao to make the drink a little more interesting

Another popular variation of rye whiskey cocktails is the Manhattan. This base recipe calls for brandy, lemonade, lime juice, wheat, molasses, and cinnamon. Other additions include: cinnamon sticks, ginger ale, or any red or white rum, ice, and soda. Other drinks that complement this base are mint juleps and beer. While apple cider vinegar gives the drink a nice tangy twist.

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Some of the lesser-known history of rye whiskey cocktails involves a creation that originated in Chicago, Ill., near the Western Illinois University campus. Here, the students created a “Bourbon Flash”. The recipe included rye whiskey, maple syrup, orange peel, lemon juice, and club soda. One student served the mix over ice, which was enjoyed by many. The result was an awesome drink that was later made into a brandy.

New England colonial-style bars also played host to some very cool rye whiskey cocktails. The bartender there could put some fresh milk in a glass, pour in a shot of brandy and shake, garnish with an orange peel. Most bartenders will add a cherry in today’s drinks, but not the New England variety. It wasn’t until much later that the cocktail was made with pure liquor.

Most of us think of rye whiskey cocktails as made with whiskey, but actually there are variations on this theme, including scotch whiskies and Irish whiskey. The basis for all these drinks is the same. Whether you are considering a Manhattan, a Scotch whisky or a good Irish cream soda, just remember that all these drinks have one thing in common. They are all created using rye whiskey.

Now, it is important to mention that just because a bartender chooses to make a rye whiskey cocktail, doesn’t mean you have to. Many bartenders will choose other items to go along with their drink, like mixing up a blueberry juice and some lemon juice for a cool and sweet combination. One of the oldest, most famous cocktails, is simply known as the rye martini. The Rye Martini actually takes rye whiskey and vermouth, as well as lemon, orange, or any other flavor of your choice, and then shakes it all up until it has the consistency of a Manhattan.

Most bartenders choose to add dry ice to the Manhattan. This is actually a pretty easy drink to master and can be done quickly. It consists of mixing the rye whiskey with some cranberry juice and some egg white. You can then add the ice, stir, and then shake it all up until the drink tastes right. There are many different flavors of egg white, but the popular version is made with maple syrup.

Below we have an assortment of 82 fabulous rye whiskey cocktail recipes you must try. From classical drinks like the Manhattan and Sazerac to more modern drink assortments. If you have a wonderful rye whiskey drink you would like to share with us. We would love your feedback. 

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To mix a cocktail like a professional just takes a little pizzazz, education, and passion. To please your palate, mixing the right rye whiskey cocktail recipe is as easy as it looks. The most important aspect we have found with cooking and cocktail recipes is to always pair the freshest of ingredients to your meal. (Only all-natural works best). Match the dinner entree to the flavoring of your drink, and always try something new. You never know the treasure-trove of flavors that are out there without a little experimentation.
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