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Here is where it all began. Our White Rye is otherwise known as "Moonshine" is where we start all of our products. 

This is the PUREST, CLEANEST Rye Spirit that you will get your hands on. Taking the time to do it right is the focus of our Master Distiller, Whiskey Rich. He doesn't skimp one bit on quality. If it doesn't meet his standards, from the grain, to the distillation, to the aging, it doesn't get bottled.  

Back in the 1920's everything was kept under wraps so no one got arrested.

Today, if you grabbed a bottle of this White Rye Spirit, you won't get arrested, but you might if you show up to a party without it. 

This White Rye Spirit is excellent for mixing with all kinds of cocktail recipes. From Martinis, to Margaritas and even Bloody Mary's, this White Rye Spirit enhances the flavor of any drink. Use it in place of Gin or Tequila and taste the magic happen!

It's been said that people just "feel good" drinking our Rye and this White Label Rye Spirit is NO exception!

Grab a bottle today to see how a true Small Batch Rye should taste.


Iowa Legendary White Rye is a Small Batch Rye Spirit made from organic rye grown right in Carroll, Iowa. 

Whiskey Rich's brother at the time was bootlegging and wasn't quite getting it right. A friend of a friend pointed him to Lorine Sextro. After a time of trust was built, Grandma Lorine finally shared what he was doing wrong. (Wait 'til you hear the barrel story...go see our Aged Rye) Once corrected, the Iowa Legendary White Rye Spirit was reignited and the pot stills started flowing. 

If you're not familiar with the culture of bootlegging, there's not a lot of trust and it takes time to build that trust before anything is EVER shared. Whiskey Rich's brother took his time, built a real relationship and eventually got the "in" with Grandma Lorine. Some of the stories of how Grandma Lorine would look around before ever saying anything about her bootlegging days, was a reminder of the secrets kept back in the day about bootlegging - like an old habit that never went away. 

We will always honor the memory of Grandma Lorine Sextro and her contribution to the world of bootlegging white rye by producing the purest, smoothest, cleanest tasting rye spirit out on the market today.

Find your bottle at the online store and get it shipped to you direct. Or, stop by our store locator page and find the closest retailer near you!

APPEARANCE: Crystal Clear

TASTE: Slight spice surrounded
by flavors of vanilla, coconut & caramel.

AROMA: A mixture of spice, grain, and
a hint of floral sweetness.

FINISH: Lingering earthy tones with
notes of root vegetables.


2018 Denver International Spirits Competition -- Gold
2018 Los Angeles International Spirits Competition - Gold & Best of Category
2017 Seattle International Spirits Awards -- Silver
2017 Cigar & Spirits Magazine Rating -- 93

Iowa Legendary Rye Awards and Certifications

Jay B. - 5 Stars
I sent a bottle of the white rye to my best friend out in Riverside, CA. I know his New Years Eve will be fantastic!

Kim M. - 5 Stars
Finally had the opportunity to sample Ia. Legendary Rye. The White (not aged on charred barrels) has a smooth finish & makes a fine start for cocktails, adding a subtle nudge from the rye.
A Bloody Mary tastes bolder & lighter flavored drinks, like pink- or Your choice of lemonades also gain definition, with out having the flavor over powered. The barrel aged Whiskey was not fully matured as of this writing, but the early samples promises a libation well worth the wait. I'll have Mine neat.

Jon S. - 5 Stars
Excellent tour and tasting yesterday! Bought a bottle of white and brought it home to Massachusetts, now enjoying it at home. Some of the best whisky I have ever tasted. Can't wait for the barrels to age!