We found our lost prohibition still. But, could this be where the barrels are buried? Our research team may be old school, but they helped find Grandma’s old still so we are keeping them going! So last week our dog team went out to the farm and started poking’ around and two different dogs hit the same spot…again. Back in January Charlie went out and found a spot, then in spring, Jojo hit the same spot. (Videos below)

They’ve been out a few times looking for Grandma’s Legendary Rye and it seems to be getting closer and closer to actually finding some Iowa Legendary Rye Original! Our fingers are crossed on this potential find. 


This is the video of the first pooch finding the scent in winter! This was interesting to watch. As you can see it’s the dead of winter, and yet our little friend still finds a scent! So our tracker marks it with ribbon and a GPS marker. this ensures they can find the same spot in spring when the permafrost thaws. 


Here is Jojo, our second furry tracker. Jojo hits the SAME SPOT as Charlie did in winter. Could it be?

Does this mean we’ve struck Rye? Maybe…until we can get a dig going we won’t know for sure. The fact that both dogs called out on the same spot is a good sign. Our tracker did use a magnetometer on the same day and had some inconclusive results, yet it doesn’t mean there’s nothing there.


Our Human tracker actually buried some straps to get a reference to what the magnetometer would read out and had some good data to use as a reference. That said, the search is still on and our tracker is on the hunt for Barrels of Rye!

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What it DOES mean is that we have a space to go investigate and go digging for Rye! We are very hopeful that we do find at least one barrel of Grandma’s rye so we can put it aside for “future” use. I mean grandpa made sure it was buried somewhere safe, and now it’s time to bring up history in a grand way!

The bottom line is that we are getting ever closer to finding buried treasure. This find would bring us the one element we’d love to have which is the original yeast that Grandma used to make her Rye.

We appreciate your support in following our search for this historic treasure, and can’t wait to give you more updates soon!

Who would have thought that 90+-year-old Rye could be found?

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