Bartending is not just the making of mixed drinks. Here is a list of things that bartenders and barbacks have to do throughout their shift.


1. Get ice for all the wells. This is the first thing that should be done. Without ice, mixed drinks can’t be made.
2. Prepare fruit trays. Garnishes are important for drinks. Make sure there are some backups.
3.  Restock the bar with beer, liquor, wine, glassware, juices, etc. Make sure that everything is at the bar and that there are enough backups for the shift.
Note: Always rotate the products.
4. Check the draught beers to make sure they’re working and that they’re not empty. If they’re empty, change the kegs.
Note: Do not lift a keg by yourself.
Always get somebody to help you and always lift with your legs and not with your back.
5. Get a cash drawer and money to make a change.
6. Get trash cans and towels.
7. Make sure that the bar is clean before opening it.


8. Say hello to customers when they approach the bar and place a beverage napkin on the counter. Always acknowledge customers regardless of how busy you are. If you are busy, say something like, “I’ll be with you in just a second.”
9. Take customers’ drink orders.
10. Make drinks for customers.
11. Input drink orders in the system.
12. Charge the amount due.
13. Give their change. Note: Make sure that you give them some small bills, so they could leave you a tip.
14. Make drinks for cocktail waitresses.
15. Collect empty glasses from the bar.
16. Wipe the bar top constantly.
17. Wash glassware.
18. Restock anything that you need.


19. Wash all the glassware.
20. Clean all the bottles.
21. Melt the ice in your well.
22. Clean your well.
23. Restock beer, liquor, etc.
24. Clean the bar.
25. Do your check out.
26. Place dirty towels in their appropriate location.
27. Get rid of the trash and boxes.
28. Always “Close to Open.” This means to leave everything ready for the next day.

Note: Bartenders’ job descriptions are different for every establishment. Not all duties are listed here it really depends on the establishment you are hired at. Listed are the fundamental must have with bartending. You will learn more on your way on the job if you feel you can add to our content to educate others please comment below, thank you.