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The whiskey revival

History of mixed drinks

Rye Whiskey Cocktails for the past 7 years has undergone a huge revival in North America.

Walk into any stylish upscale Los Angeles, CA bar today and you’ll almost surely find a variety of Ryes and Whiskeys covering the shelves and a handful of rye whiskey cocktails on the menu at your local restaurant.

But it was not until recently that the one type of rye a Unicorn industry buffs consider the “Best American Rye” began to see its own resurgence.

That whiskey is rye, historically speaking and Max Powell, a brand ambassador for the Iowa Legendary Rye, explained to us how just one cocktail helps shape the history of rye whiskey to make it happen.

At the local pub

Cocktails of Yesterday

In the  1870s, the rye whiskey cocktails scene began to take off in America. An important note is that tending bar was considered a very distinguished profession in that era and most of the public spent their pastimes and learned about town news and events at their local pub. 

In Powell’s words. They had lectures in the bar; town-hall meetings were conducted in the bar. A bar in the 1700s and 1800s was a place where people from out of town would stay for the night. Creating a central news hub of all knowledge in the area, and the barkeep was the guard of all information.

But later in the 20th century bartending began to lose its stature and prestige and shifted into something people did in-between jobs or to make money on the side for college, Powell said.

“The Manhattan”

How Cocktails
Defined History

One of your most noteworthy of rye whiskey cocktails “The Manhattan” outlined that revolution, and at the core of its recipe was a natural straight rye whiskey.

Rye whiskey had been “pretty much on its deathbed in the 2000s”. So the surge in popularity for rye whiskey cocktails in the past five to ten years has been tremendous for the liquor industry.

Now, its cool to order a Rye whiskey cocktails like the “Manhattan or a Marco Rye“. Instead of ordering a “Jack and Coke or a Screw Driver.” Bringing back some of our more decadent history, a touch of class, style, and of course, taste.

What People want to drink

Remarkable Mixed Drinks

And because rye is such a sweet, strong, and flavorful grain, suited for enhancing cocktails or being sipped straight by itself, Eggers and Powell think it will continue to grow in popularity for years to come.

“As long as people are exploring more and more, rye and rye whiskey is only going to become more influential,” History has shown itself to repeat with good things.