Black Label Rye Review
Black Label Rye Review
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Double Barrel Rye, Double Distilled, 100% all Natural

Purple Label

Double Distilled then Aged Twice in a newly charred American White Oak barrels. The added infusion with the American white oak char results in a full-flavor and smooth tasting rye that will win over your heart as it did ours.

Iowa Legendary Rye


Our fan’s biggest debate is, do you share it with friends and family or keep this rare creation to yourself?

Double Barreled Rye Never tasted better

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Our History

Meet Our Purple Label

What price would you assign to a one-of-a-kind life-changing experience? We say only $199 for Purple Label Rye. Here is why; Purple Label is the only handcrafted, 100% sweet rye, mashed, and distilled on-site masterpiece being made in the world today. It is made using our historically accurate world-famous Prohibition Era 1931 recipe. But that is not enough.

The Process of making our purple label rye

We take our 93 pt rated white rye that is already saturated with the caramel and vanilla, and put it in a 15 gallon American Oak cask for up to 18 months. After the first 18-month maturation process has been completed we have our international multi-gold/double gold award-winning black label ready to be sold.

Award-Winning Double Barrel Rye

Although by international spirits competition judges’ standards that is perfection, we say not yet. Our fifth-generation master distiller selects the exceptional barrels of black and sends them back into our proprietary pot/reflux stills that carve out the finest features of our black label spirit. While leaving behind the flavor for the second new 15-gallon barrel to double down on our search for the best rye on the planet.

Our Aging Process

Here is where the real magic happens, the double-distilled spirit digs deep into the second barrel for up to 18 months and what comes out is the experience you will never have if you have not tried Purple Label Rye. The finished product is dark and thick like your finest coffee and shiny in color like a newly minted penny.

Hot yet smooth, thick caramel overtones, warm and smokey, with a rounded mouthful for a balance of weighted flavors that continues to build on your pallet for hours after you have had your first taste. Bottle at 121.2 proof. This is not just your top-shelf bottle.

This is an “oil of conversation” spirit that can spurn excellent philosophical engagements, the ale that is consumed when good fellows get together, that puts a song in their hearts and laughter on their lips, and the warm glow of contentment in their eyes.

This is the Iowa Legendary Rye Purple Label; the continuation of “How Rye was Born”. This has already been said to be the best high-proof spirit on the market. The Food and Beverage Magazine Proof awards agreed with a Gold Medal.

A moment of this on your lips will have you reminiscing about days past, the “good times” while creating moments with friends, family, or even if you simply enjoy it alone.