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Life is hard; Rye Vodka makes it a bit better. 

In our humble opinion, our Rye Vodka makes it a LOT better. Who wouldn't want to enjoy a pure vodka at the end of a hard day, or the end of a great day! (and everything in between) 

Mixing our Vodka into any of your favorite Vodka Cocktails is a must if you want a drink that is full of flavor not that "alcohol" taste that Vodka's are so known for. 

While many brands are focused on mass production of rubbing alcohol, Iowa Legendary Rye is focused on a pure, clean flavorful Rye Vodka that doesn't invade your cocktail with alcohol vapors or flavors that just take away from your drink. 

Even our straight drinkers love our Rye because of its purity and ease of drinking. No heavy vapors to choke on, and a little Rye flavor. 

Simply perfect.  

Grab a bottle today to see just how a true small batch rye should taste.


Iowa Legendary Rye Vodka was an idea born out of the thought that there must be another expression that we can produce that would be clean, pure, and flavorful. This brought about the birth of the Iowa Legendary Rye Vodka. 

Whiskey Rich noted that we needed to improve and extend the flute on our Pot Stills and after doing so; Double Distilling and Carbon Filtering, we produce an amazing Rye Vodka that beats a lot of the bigger brands in taste and purity. Iowa Legendary Rye Vodka is a testament to the purity we are so proud of with our Rye Expressions. The compliments keep coming about the purity and flavor of our Rye Vodka. We've even had natives of Russia and Ukraine say it's like what they used to make at home. (right before they grab a bottle and take it to the register)  

As a fresh product to the Proof awards it took gold right out of the gate. This was a great nod in the spirits community and it's an eve greater testimonial when you buy it and use it both as a straight drink or in mixed drinks like Bloody Mary's, Moscow Mules, and White Russians.

This is an excellent Rye Vodka that is sure to please even the most astute vodka drinkers. Still bottled in Carroll, Iowa and served up at your favorite bar, tavern, or restaurant. Or at your local liquor store. Use our store locator to find a retailer near you, or order it online. We still offer free shipping over orders of $100! 

Find your bottle at the online store and get it shipped to you direct. Or, stop by our store locator page and find the closest retailer near you!

APPEARANCE: Rich Caramel

TASTE: Caramel, vanilla and honey with a touch of spice.

AROMA: Soft wood and sweet citrus with a light nuttiness.

FINISH: Earthy with a hint of raisin undertones.


2019 Proof Awards — Gold
2019 USA Spirits — Silver
2018 Denver International Spirits Competition- Silver

Iowa Legendary Rye Awards and Certifications

Monica C. - 5 stars
I didn’t know vodka could be made with rye and I was pleasantly surprised!! No hangover for me or any of the girls after a night of drinking that. The white rye makes for some great skinny margaritas too!