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This by far is our best discovery to date.

You already know that we use the best Minnesota Oak Barrels to age our Black label Small Batch Rye spirit. Well, our genius alchemist, Whiskey Rich, was messing around one day and decided to reuse a barrel or two and see what he would get out of it. He found out there was still a TON of flavor left in the barrels!

Through experimenting with time and reusing the barrels he found a new flavor that brought out more of the wood tones, sweeter flavor, and smoother texture. 

While the Ladies really love this Red Label Reserve Rye Spirit, the gentlemen find this a greet addition to sitting down and "talking business". Why wouldn't they? The smooth texture and the wafting aroma of caramel (in some cases we've even heard them say butterscotch) will put anyone in a haven of relaxation and happiness.  

It's been said that people just "feel good" drinking our Rye and this Red Label Reserve Rye Spirit is NO exception!

Grab a bottle today to see just how a true small batch rye should taste.


Iowa Legendary Rye Red Label Reserve is when we take a used barrel that has already produced a batch of the normal Black Label Aged Rye Spirit and add a fresh batch of Iowa Legendary Rye White Label to that used barrel. This was the brain child of Whiskey Rich as he was looking for a way to produce something more for our line of Small Batch Rye Spirits. His discovery has produced a new style of Sensually Smooth Rye Spirit.

This is definitely a great addition to the Iowa Legendary Rye Spirits family! If you're looking for a Rye Spirit that is both sweet to the nose and smooth to the tongue, this is the Rye Spirit you want in your collection, on your bar, or on the counter where you can get at it when you feel like a great moment is at hand. 

This is a great spirit to use in Manhattans as a beginning, or if you simply like it neat, add it to a hearty steak and potato dinner. You won't regret it. 

Find your bottle at the online store and get it shipped to you direct. Or, stop by our store locator page and find the closest retailer near you!

APPEARANCE: Rich Caramel

TASTE: Fruit-heavy theme with hints
of vanilla and caramel.

AROMA: Sweet aroma with fruit notes.

FINISH: Lingering earthy tones with
notes of root vegetables.


2019 Proof Awards — Gold
2018 — Silver

Iowa Legendary Rye Awards and Certifications

Rooney K. - 5 stars
Just tried the Reserve a couple nights ago.......WOW!!!!!!