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Imagine living in the 1920's when alcohol was prohibited. Life was pretty boring. There were no parties that could have alcohol, and if you had alcohol and got caught, you spent a few days in the Gray bar hotel. (Jail)

That didn't stop one township in Iowa from enjoying the fruits of the Rye. Everything had to be on the down low so no one got caught serving any of the bootleg Rye Whiskey that was known at those "boring" parties.

That was a rough time in our History. The Depression was in full swing, the economy was in shambles and the only way to make ends meet was to bootleg. This particular recipe was made by a bootleggin' grandma; 100 years ago.

Fast forward to today, we still make our Small Batch Rye Spirits the same way Grandma Lorine Sextro used to make it. From the 26 gallon Pot Stills to the 15 Gallon Barrels of Minnesotan American Oak that our Rye is aged in, we do it just right. 

We take it nice and slow to bring out the REAL taste of a proper Rye Spirit from the 1920's. You get the best naturally distilled organic Rye Spirit available on the market today, and a bit of history with each bottle.

Grab a bottle today to see just how a true small batch rye should taste.


Iowa Legendary Rye Aged Rye begins as a batch of organic Rye grain being distilled in small batches. Done in 26 gallon custom built stills for an authentic historically accurate Prohibition-era taste. It then spends 18 months aging in new 15 gallon Minnesotan American Oak barrels. During that time, it draws out the smoke and oak flavor that so many have come to love and enjoy.

When Grandma Sextro was asked in her 90's why she used such a small barrel, her response was, “Have you ever tried to run from the Feds with a 40 gallon barrel?” We understood this meant that what we had is the real deal. Thanks to Grandma Lorine, we have the best 100% Small batch Rye recipe in production today! 

One of the benefits we learned over time about the smaller Oak Barrels is that aging time is shorter. There is less time spent aging in the barrel so we can get it out to you!

Find your bottle at the online store and get it shipped to you direct. Or, stop by our store locator page and find the closest retailer near you!

APPEARANCE: Rich Caramel

TASTE: Caramel, vanilla and honey with a touch of spice.

AROMA: Soft wood and sweet citrus with a light nuttiness.

FINISH: Earthy with a hint of raisin undertones.


2019 Proof Awards — Gold
2019 USA Spirits — Silver
2018 — Gold
2018 Denver International Spirits Competition — Gold
2018 Los Angeles International Spirits Competition — Silver
2017 North American Bourbon & Whiskey Competition — Double Gold
2017 Seattle International Spirits Awards — Gold
2017 Cigar & Spirits Magazine Rating – 91

Iowa Legendary Rye Awards and Certifications

Darren W. - 5 Stars
I tasted the double barrel and it was smooth with a hint of vanilla. We tried it neat and on the rocks , I preferred mine with 2 ice cubes. I would recommend ILR to everyone who appreciates a good rye .