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There's been a movement of "barrel sales" that has been active for many years with many other brands. Well, we offer barrels too. In smaller batches it's much more affordable and you get access to a premium small batch rye spirit.

You want to select your own barrel. You want to be able to have bragging rights that these bottles are from the barrel YOU chose at our Distillery. Or perhaps you just want the prestige of knowing you have a piece of history by ordering a barrel from Iowa Legendary Rye. With our Barrel Alliance Program you have that option. All you need to do is either email us and request to set an appointment, or request to speak to Whiskey Rich and then he can choose a spacial barrel for you. 

Whether you come to the distillery and choose your own barrel or have Whiskey Rich choose one for you, you can be assured that YOUR barrel is special. This is a 15 gallon barrel produces 60 bottle of premium Iowa Legendary Rye Spirit. (Black Label) 

Imagine what your friends will say when you tell them you got your own Barrel of Iowa Legendary Rye straight from the Distillery that still makes Rye the natural organic way. Our Rye is still grown in Carroll Iowa and still fermented over 14-21 days, aged 12-18 months and at just the right moment bottled for you. It's still made the same way Grandma Lorine Sextro made it 100 years ago.

While everyone else is speeding up their aging with bigger batches and 53 Gallon Barrels that cost thousands upon thousands of dollar to invest in, We've slowed down and do it in small batches. We still use real pot stills we build ourselves. While there's some "magic" in how we make our Rye Spirit, there's no magic in getting you a barrel and sending you the bottles when the time is right. All you ddo is click the button below and send us a note on what you would like to do. 

Click now to order your own barrel! We lookforward to hosting you at the Distillery, and then sending you your bottles when the time is just right.  

Iowa Legendary Rye Barrel Alliance Program is a greater value than most where you have to invest a much larger sum to gain access to a 53 Gallon Barrel. Here at Iowa Legendary Rye you can get a barrel for much less than you think and still gain a good amount of Bottles of Iowa Legendary Rye's premium Rye Spirit. 

Grandma Lorine made sure that when she taught her recipe to our crew that they understood the benefits of using smaller barrels. 15 gallon barrels are easier t use, maneuver around the distillery, faster to age our Rye to the right taste and color, and of course if you have to run with them anywhere...I think you get the picture.

Using American Minnesota Oak Barrels gives the flavor that many have come to love and enjoy. The natural smoke, caramel and earth tones that you get from these barrels is unequaled in quality an purity. Rich stands by every batch as a pure, premium spirit. This is what America was made of back in the 1920's and 1930's and it's is made today the same way it was back then. this 100 year old Bootlegger Recipe is clearly an excellent choice for serving at restaurants, bars, taverns, and at home. 

Email us toay to set up a time to come and pick a barrel, or arrange for our Master Distiller, Whiskey rich, to pick one for you. You're guaranteed an excellent barrel of Rye. 

APPEARANCE: Rich Caramel

TASTE: Caramel, vanilla and honey with a touch of spice.

AROMA: Soft wood and sweet citrus with a light nuttiness.

FINISH: Earthy with a hint of raisin undertones.

New awards for Barrel production coming soon!

Eamil to order yours today!

Iowa Legendary Rye Awards and Certifications

Finding out that I could ctually ordder a barrel of my own had me totally excited! This is an amazing way to keep a lot of my favorite Spirit on hand at home. Michael K

Having the barrel at our restaurant while we waited for our barrel to age was an amazing conversation piece. When we got the actual bottles. We got to talk about it even more and enjoyed hte bottles of Rye that came from it. Excellent way to promote your restaurant, or your bar having one of these "Speacially selected barrels bottled for your establishment. George L.