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Buy a barrel of rye discounts available now! Below is the Retail pricing of our spirits. If you are a business, bar, country club, or whiskey society please expect a discount of 30%-50% off the below retail pricing. Please use the contact form below to contact our sales team.

Every barrel of rye is available in 3/4, 1/2, 1/4 barrel reservations also. Please contact for details.

15 gallon barrel, 60 bottles

Reserve your barrel of rye

This is a 15-gallon barrel that produces 60 bottles of premium Iowa Legendary Rye Spirit.

Imagine what your friends will say when you tell them you got your own Cask of ILR straight from the Distillery that makes rye that put Templeton, Iowa on the map for being the booziest city during Prohibition.

Our Rye is still grown in Carroll County Iowa and still fermented over 14-21 days, aged 12-18 months and at just the right moment bottled for you. It’s still made the same way Grandma Lorine Sextro made it 100 years ago.

Real 1920’s style small pot stills

Small Batch Rye

While everyone else is speeding up their aging with bigger batches and 53 Gallon Barrels that cost thousands upon thousands of dollars to invest in, We’ve slowed down and done it in small batches. We still use real 1920s style small pot stills we built ourselves.

While there’s some “magic” in how we make our Rye Spirit, there’s no magic in getting you a cask and sending you the bottles when the time is right.