Producing only winners

Rye Distillery

90 Year Family Tradition

Aged Rye & Perfection

Join a unique opportunity to reserve purchase one of our Iowa Legendary Distillery Rye barrels filled with over 71 bottles of pure, timeless, all-natural rye. Aged to perfection contact our distillery today and learn a little more about our premium rye’s and vodka barrel sales.

Keeping the tradition alive

Small Batch Distilled

To begin we grow our rye within our family to ensure its excellence. From sprout to finish. After the selection process of only the best “All Natural Rye” is selected. We then start with a mix of 100% rye mash. To begin what’s known as our “mash build.” feed into a 23-gallon pot-still, “not a 1000 gallon plus Industrial cooker” we are a true small-batch. A process so delicate that too much will material will ruin the flavor.
No add chemicals or artificial flavors

100% all Natural

The Iowa Legendary Rye Distillery is fond of our tradition and story. While keeping to this heritage not only is the rye we produce from our 90-year old bootlegging grandmother’s recipe. But in Caroll, IA we have been growing our rye for generations. Family-owned and produced. We are positive you will enjoy our story and our liquor for more generations to come.