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‘Tis the season for grillin’, chillin’, and eating good!

As you may have noticed, rye makes a great substitution or addition to any cocktail recipes. It can be enjoyed on the rocks, neat, or however you desire. The rye spirit is more versatile than you think. It can go beyond the confines of a beverage and make its way on to your plate. Most people are familiar with concepts like T.G.I.Friday’s Jack Daniel Sauce used on ribs or even a vodka sauce to pair with their penne pasta. Although it may feel a bit more in-depth than creating a cocktail, cooking with rye doesn’t have to be. The flavor boost brought to food by infusing alcohol is something chef and home-cooks have been doing for ages. 

Iowa Legendary Rye has a clean simple, recipe to it. The process dates back to when they were producing it during prohibition. Nothing has changed and the taste is still as delicious as it was then. For nearly 100 years, Iowa Legendary Rye has been a delicious staple in any spirit collection.

You can read more about the history of Iowa Legendary and the story of Lorinne Sextro here.

Bring it To The Kitchen!

Normally, drinking Iowa Legendary Rye would give you a nice buzz. When you cook with it, that is not necessarily the case. In fact, cooking with a spirit can give a healthy boost to the flavor to most recipes. Whether it is rum, wine, beer, or sake, alcohol has been incorporated into the kitchen throughout history and across many cultures. It can be used to enhance flavor, concentrated flavor, or tenderize meat. Dependent on the type of alcohol, spirits can also be used in baking and desserts. Just take Bananas Foster for example! 

Throughout history, food has always had a funny way of bringing people together. Whether it’s families passing down secret recipes or friends gathering around the table to share laughs, food is a catalyst for making memories. 

Bartender Turned Chef

At Iowa Legendary, we are always encouraging our community to think outside of the box. We have gotten the chance to see some of the #legendary cocktails that you created. Now we are ready to see you switch gears and show us what you’ve got in the kitchen. We are calling on everyone with a love for cooking! 

#CookingwithRye will not be confined to one style of cooking. It can be on the grill, on the stove, in the oven, or whichever way you see fit! All you have to do is create a dish using Iowa Legendary Rye, document the recipe, take a picture of the final product, and post it using the hashtag #cookingwithrye. It can include any one of our rye spirits. The directions must be clear enough for it to be recreated. A video showing the whole process of your dish is best and most likely to be shared on our website and social media. 

When you create these recipes, we encourage you to share them with the ones you love. By sharing them with the Iowa Legendary family and community, you are sharing the opportunity for others to make memories of their own. So however you choose to share, use this challenge as an excuse to experiment in the kitchen, have some fun, and make some new memories.

We are looking forward to some #legendary recipes and to see how creative you all can be!

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