Purple Label Rye Review
Purple Label Rye Review
Black Label Rye

Prohibition Era Recipe, Single Barrel

Black Label

Small Batch Rye Spirits the same way Grandma Lorine Sextro used to make it. From the 26 gallon Pot Stills to the 15 Gallon Barrels of Minnesotan American Oak that our Rye is aged in, we do it just right.
Iowa Legendary Rye


Double Barreled Rye Never tasted better

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Our History

Our Single Barrel Rye Story

Presenting Iowa Legendary Rye’s small-batch Back label single barrel-aged rye. This is a truly unique small-batch rye. Distilled twice, and charcoal filtered for purity. Each run is created in small batches and hand-crafted for some of the finest tasting rye you will find. With its slight rye taste and a signature nose-tingling finish, it’s a rye experience unlike any other.

Many experienced drinkers of bourbon, rye whiskeys, and even Scotch have said this belongs on the top shelf! While our critiques keep presenting this bottle Gold after Gold in awards. We implore you to grab a bottle today and see why this small-batch rye is the right “choice” for your top shelf or clientele.

Iowa Legendary Rye adds new life to the world of Prohibition-era rye with top-shelf quality rye that is high in demand, but hard to find. This collection offers you the option to skip the middleman, go straight to the source and save money while you’re at it.