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Double Distilled – 100% all Natural



Life is hard; Rye Vodka makes it a bit better. In our humble opinion, our Rye Vodka makes it a LOT better. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a pure vodka at the end of a hard day, or the end of a great day! (and everything in between)

Iowa Legendary Rye
United States
Spirit Type
American Vodka
Spirits Style
100% Straight Rye Vodka

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Double Distilled Premium Vodka, Never tasted better

Smooth Tasting

The Best Rye Vodka – ILR’s straight rye vodka is truly unique. Distilled using a modified flute on our custom stills, we then distill this 100% rye mash twice overall and then charcoal filter the material for purity and excellent taste.

Each run is created in small batches in our pot stills and hand-crafted to create some of the finest tasting straight rye vodka you will ever find.

Taste Smooth, Soft, Mild Grain, Slight Spice

Aroma Light Sweetness, Light Grain

“The Feel Good Drink”

Award Winning Spirit

“Iowa Legendary Rye Vodka”, overtakes the liquor industry by storm. Not only does this rye mix better it makes you feel good the moment it hits your lips to the day after “The Feel Good Drink”. It’s a sophisticated level of taste with a soft mild grain with added spice.

With a finish that tingle’s your nose; which gives away the rye quality. Thus creating a truly authentic full-flavored vodka for your enjoyment.

“Rye with Cereal”

The Best Vodka

Our Premium Vodka is amazingly smooth and slightly sweet. This low-tech, all-natural Premium Vodka offers a creamy texture and an intriguing cereal tone, which earns it the nickname “Rye with Cereal” among the aficionados.

The finish is extremely smooth and slightly sweet due to our blending of 100% rye in a traditional copper pot still. Served over ice or in your favorite vodka martini cocktail, this surprisingly simple mixology offers an unparalleled flavor that will delight when enjoyed neat or on the rocks for those craving something a little more adventurous than clear Holy water.

Size 750 ML

Proof 80 (40% ABV)

Origin United States

Distillery Iowa Legendary Rye

Nose | Palate | Finish

Tasting Notes

Iowa Legendary Rye utilizes 100% all-natural ingredients from Carroll and Crawford, County in Iowa. Even our patented stills were made down the road.

Handmade, hand-bottled and hand-labeled while keeping with our families tradition in Carroll County, Iowa. Bringing that smell of freshly baked rye at our distillery daily. Just like our grandmother used to make it.

Nose Light sweetness with a trace of grain

Palate Soft, mild grain with a slight spice

Finish A tingle that gives away the rye quality

Iowa Legendary Rye