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Prohibition Era Recipe, Single Barrel

Black Label


Small Batch Rye Spirits the same way Grandma Lorine Sextro used to make it. From the 26 gallon Pot Stills to the 15 Gallon Barrels of Minnesotan American Oak that our Rye is aged in, we do it just right.

Iowa Legendary Rye
United States
Spirit Type
American Prohibition Rye
Spirits Style
Aged Rye

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Single Barrel Aged Black Label

Full Flavored Aged Rye

Aged in newly charred American White Oak barrels. The added infusion with the American white oak char results in a full-flavor and smooth-tasting aged rye.

Iowa Legendary Rye is a new life to the world of rye with top-shelf quality ryes that are in demand but hard to find.

This collection offers premium top-shelf taste at a huge discount. Skip the middleman, go straight to the source and save money while you’re at it.

Taste Fruit-Heavy, Vanilla, Caramel

Aroma Sweet Aroma, Fruit Notes

“This belongs on the top shelf”

Award winning rye

Distilled using a modified whiskey flute on custom small pot stills and created in small batches at only 22 gallons at a time. Leaving nothing but the infusion of flavor with every sip.

Our craft hand-bottled creating an unparalleled beverage with its earthy tones, smoke, and caramel that leaves you wanting more with every sip.

Pull up a chair and prepare yourself for the finest tasting experience that will dazzle your tongue and awaken your senses. And truly begin to understand why so many professional critiques tell us “this belongs on the top shelf”.

A Iowa Legendary Original

Our private reserves

This Prohibition-era rye is high-proof rye, aged in freshly charred white oak barrels. The char from the newly fired white oak leads to an intricately flavored, smooth-tasting Black label high-proof new-made American rye whose taste is defined with every sip. We invite you to spend some time to savor all the nuances of flavor that are imbued in our black label rye and invite you to contact us to share your experience.

Size 750 ML

Proof 80 (40% ABV)

Origin United States

Distillery Iowa Legendary Rye

Appearance | Aroma | Taste | Finish

Tasting Notes

Iowa Legendary Rye utilizes 100% all-natural ingredients from Carroll and Crawford, County in Iowa. Even our patented stills were made down the road.

Handmade, hand-bottled, and hand-labeled while keeping with our family’s tradition in Carroll County, Iowa. Bringing that smell of freshly baked rye at our distillery daily. Just like our grandmother used to make it.

Appearance Rich Carmel

Aroma Sweet aroma with fruit notes

Taste Fruit-heavy theme with hints of vanilla and caramel

Finish Lingering earthy tones with notes of root vegetables

Our History

Our Single Barrel Rye Story

Presenting Iowa Legendary Rye’s small-batch Back label single barrel-aged rye. This is a truly unique small-batch rye. Distilled twice, and charcoal filtered for purity. Each run is created in small batches and hand-crafted for some of the finest tasting rye you will find. With its slight rye taste and a signature nose-tingling finish, it’s a rye experience unlike any other.

Many experienced drinkers of bourbon, rye whiskeys, and even Scotch have said this belongs on the top shelf! While our critiques keep presenting this bottle Gold after Gold in awards. We implore you to grab a bottle today and see why this small-batch rye is the right “choice” for your top shelf or clientele.

Iowa Legendary Rye adds new life to the world of Prohibition-era rye with top-shelf quality rye that is high in demand, but hard to find. This collection offers you the option to skip the middleman, go straight to the source and save money while you’re at it.

Iowa Legendary Rye