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Everything you need to know about Iowa Legendary Rye

What makes us different?

Truly small batch whiskey. Only a small percentage of spirit makers in the world do small batch whisky. And not many in the world knew how to make whiskey like grandma. The feel is completely different. The taste has a unique spiciness and warmth when taking your whiskey neat.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to provide consumers with an opportunity to experience whiskey the way it was made back in the prohibition era. To provide whiskey drinkers and newcomers alike to taste and experience the feel of clean, pure 100% Organic Rye Grain Only spirits and whiskey.

What we Do.

We create true small batch whiskey on-site. Want a tour? Schedule an appointment and come through. Most distilleries don't bring you in because they aren't truly making their whiskey. They blend many whiskeys together for a specific color and taste. Which is fine. But that just means you don't know what true real distilled clean spirits taste and feel like. Find a tasting event near you now!

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CEO & Co-Founder

Heath Schneider

Heath was born in Omaha, Nebraska and raised in Denison, Iowa. He attended the University of Northern Iowa.  While at UNI,  he was chapter president of Tau Kappa Epsilon. An active member of Phi Beta Lambda. Additionally, he worked throughout his college education to pay for his schooling. Heath proudly served with the United States Navy as a heavy equipment operator with fighting Seabees in Port Hueneme, California. Heath has managed successful businesses all his working life.

His most recent turnaround company was voted the US retailer of the year. He also managed for Nationwide Lending Corporation as they served as a betaworks company on the Lending Tree Network. Heath was a line director for Polo Towers and the Berkley Group on the Las Vegas strip. His record breaking team still hold sales level awards at these properties. Heath has owned and managed many sucessful businesses and banks. Over the past 25 years he has helped thousands to find their American dream. Heath now uses these experiences to promote, finance, and market Iowa Legendary Rye.

Master Craftsman & Co-Founder

Rich Eggers

Rich E. is somewhat of an enigma. A mad scientist mixed with hard core grit. This man works on his craft like it's a part of his soul. He's a character and has stories for days on end.
If you ever get yourself caught in the windstorm of 'Whiskey Richisms' don't be surprised by the amount of knowledge your getting from a master. Always willing to teach he helps educate a small staff of distillers and whiskey makers.

Famous for bringing some of his knowledge and skills to ILR from the very beginning. Rich now pursues his art through teaching others. Teaching to make whiskey just like the old days.

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